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©Sandor Zoltan
A Change of Seasons
Autor: Sandor Zoltan (strashnick)
Categorie generala: Abstract
Data postarii: 15.08.2006 09:39

Aparat foto: Canon PowerShot A410
Vizualizata de: 1016 ori

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Roates Bogdan (robog00) [ sus ]
15-08-2006 13:08

Deobicei nu ma incanta colajele, dar ideea din poza de mai sus este foarte interesanta. Felicitari!

Dragos Ludusan (dragosssss) [ sus ]
15-08-2006 17:08 | Nota acordata fotografiei:

ideea ii absolut geniala, imi place f mult...si compozitia, aranjarea elementelor - la fel de buna. Insa strica mult calitatea fotografiei + unele parti subexpuse iar altele supraexpuse. dau 4 stelute pentru idee si compozitie. merita refacuta.

Sandor Zoltan (strashnick) [ sus ]
15-08-2006 22:48

Multumesc mult pentru aprecieri [si nota]. Voi incerca sa mai 'produc' ceva de genul, din pacate am avut doar doua cadre aici si pe lcd de pe aparat aratau bine. Mai incerc.

Ram Mohan (rohaan03) [ sus ]
17-08-2006 01:11

Hey the pic says Canon PowerShot A410 / was it shot or its a capture from your 3d render ? cos this aint look like a pic ... i am sorry but the pic looks so 3dsmax ? maya would have been better

can u post the real pic without PP ?
pp = post production in PS

best regards
and good luck

Sandor Zoltan (strashnick) [ sus ]
17-08-2006 08:41

Thank you for your interest.
I'll try to make a long story short.
The picture is a collage, made from several pictures that were shot [not rendered]. The top one I posted earlier here and was taken with the PowerShot A410. The chimney is from a picture taken 2 years ago in Copsa Mica with an HP215 [yuk]. Same with the structure at the right. The 'ground' for the lower part is from my blanket cover [;-)], the sky is generated and so is the smoke and the sun [lower left].
So it's a 2d image [no 3dsmax, no maya, not even blender] made up of several layers [with their respective transparency masks]. The software I used for the whole process is The Gimp [I am a GNU/Linux user and I have no money/freedom to sacrifice for commercial software].

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Ram Mohan (rohaan03) [ sus ]
17-08-2006 14:13 | Nota acordata fotografiei:

Indeed a Great Composition Good work !!!!

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